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Navigation to various pages can be found along the left side of the page. Quick links to common pages can be found just underneath the SPADINA ROAD BOOKS title at the top of each page.

HOME PAGE - can be accessed anytime via the HOME link found at the top of every page, just beneath the SPADINA ROAD BOOKS title and at the top of the left side menu.

ORDERING ITEMS or REQUESTING INFO - Ordering books can be done via the email link provided on listing pages. You can also phone in your order at 416-601-1300. Full information can be found on the ORDERING INFO page.


Searching for specific books is very easy. You can search by author and/or title and/or publisher and/or published date and/or specific keywords (such as Canadiana, Japan, science, nature, etc) and/or first or signed editions.
You can also browse via subject areas via the Subject Search drop down box, found just underneath the main search engine.
Search should be as specific as possible as we have over 5,000 titles listed.
When searching via a specific author try to include first and last name (in any order) if possible although you can search on a single name (e.g. GISSING). Still have questions? Don't hesitate to email for more information on searching at Spadina Road Books.
To navigate through the resulting list of books select "NEXT" to go to the next page, "LAST" to go to the last page, "FIRST" to go to the first page of listed books or "PREVIOUS" to go back to the previous page. Some of these options may not appear depending on the number of books found. Select "NEW SEARCH" to enter new search criteria.


ABOUT US - Provides a quick rundown of us.

FEATURED BOOKS - A photographic selection of highligth items

OUR BOOKS - This page provides a link to our database of books. Over 5,000 titles can be found here! You can search via author, title, publisher, date or keyword.

TERMS OF SALE / ORDERING INFO - How to go about purchasing an item.

SELLING YOUR BOOKS - Information on what Spadina Road Books is looking for.

CONTACT US - A list of all methods you can use to reach us.


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